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LCAP and LCFF Information

Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant

Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant - Board approved on 5/5/2021

The Local Plan and the 2022-23 Annual Amendment for Local Plan Section D: Annual Budget Plan, Local Plan Section E: Annual Service Plan, and the Attachments.

The El Dorado County SELPA is pleased to share the revised Local Plan for the 2022-2023 school year.

The purpose of the Local Plan is to:

  • Outline the special education policies/procedures and services that are offered throughout the SELPA.
  • To assure access to special education and related services for all individuals with           exceptional needs residing within the geographic areas served by the plan
  • To ensure compliance with all Federal and State codes and statutes this year, Local Plan    Section B: Governance and Administration, Section D: Annual Budget Plan, Section E:     Annual Service Plan and Attachments are the only revised sections of the Local Plan. You        can review the Local Plan at the following link:

Local Plan

Additional hard copies of the plans are available at the El Dorado County SELPA office.

Local Control Funding - LCFF and LCAP

Local Control Funding - LCFF and LCAP

In June of 2013 a new era of school finance in California was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.  The new funding model is known as the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).  This new funding model will reshape school funding, with the promise of additional funding, and squarely aimed to improve achievement for all students.

LCFF, and its local accountability counterpart, the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) -  are anchored by the notion that California must do better for its underperforming students, who in fact make up a sizable portion of the  state's school-age population.  The LCFF significantly changes the funding formula for school districts - more money is attached to students who are underperforming.  The LCFF identifies three categories of students requiring greater resources: 1) students who qualify for free and reduced priced meals, 2) students who are English Learners, and 3) foster youth.  Together, roughly 73% of Silver Fork School District students are among the population that fall into these categories, and for which the state will now provide additional need-based revenue to the district.

School districts must create a Local Control and Accountability Plan to spend the money.  The LCAP must be passed by the School Board by June 2014.  According to the projections used by Governor Brown to create the plan, school district funding will rise in increments over the next seven years.

This set of web pages is designed to provide three main strands of information:
1.  Basic information about LCFF and its impact in Silver Fork School District
2.  Information about the steps to create a Local Control and Accountability Plan for the district
The steps to creating a LCAP will include many opportunities for participation by school families, SFSD employees, and the Kyburz community as a whole.
3.  Specific budget information to demonstrate how the Silver Fork School District's budget will have to change over the course of 2013-2014 from a budget based on the revenue limit model to one based on the LCFF's weighted student formula based on student need.  This will promote understanding how the LCFF is different than the revenue limit model of funding with its many categories of money.

As is true of any complex piece of legislation that touches so many facets of life in California, the state departments of Education and Finance are finding that writing and implementing the LCFF's many details will take significant time.  There are questions that remain as of yet unanswered, and school districts, including Silver Fork, are closely following developments in Sacramento and in other communities as the implementation of the new formula and plan evolves.

The Board will receive an LCAP update at the March 25, 2014 board meeting.  LCAP Board PowerPoint Presentation (PDF) March 25, 2014

LCFF related Education Code

LCAP Sample Template

The set of LCAP and LCFF links on the left of this page will lay out what we know, and also what is still unclear, so the Silver Fork School District staff, family, and community are able to participate as fully as possible in the LCAP creation and revision in future years.