Our District

Our Commitment to Parents

As a District, we have a commitment that we will treat every child as our own. That means we will ensure that each and every one of us who is involved in the lives of your children will teach them, advocate for them, help them, and celebrate with them as we would do for our own children.  Yet the truth is that it really doesn’t stop there.  The truth is that we also believe every parent and every guardian should have the opportunity to volunteer and participate in the school and classroom in the same way we, as parents, would want to participate in the schools and classrooms.

In fact, it is our belief that parent/guardian involvement in our district should go far beyond bake sales, fund raising and school celebrations.  Parent/guardian involvement in our district must be a collaboratively shared interest in ensuring that all students will learn.  To that end, we commit to treat each child in the district as our own and to ensure that each of you, as a parent/guardian, will have the same opportunities to volunteer that we would want to have for ourselves.  In fact, research has demonstrated that when families are involved in schools, all students experience success!  Even more important is that race/ethnicity, class, or level of education does not matter.  It is simply the willingness to be involved and make a difference in the lives of students, one student at a time.  When families partner with the school, our children are the winners!