Approved LCAP

LCAP- Approved 6/20/17

2016-2017 Parent, Staff, and Community Survey

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Local Control Funding - LCFF and LCAP

This year we have continued to support great things for students, while implementing new strategies to provide more opportunities for learning.  Here are some of the things that we have done this year based on our LCAP.


LCAP Activities – Pollock Pines

Raise the academic achievement of all students and close the achievement gap




Continue modeling/coaching by site admins to support use of EDI framework for instruction in the classroom



Add foreign language elective for 7-8 grade

36 seats using the Middlebury online language platform provides to SR. class will function on a fall/spring semester basis.


Investigate adding computer tech/coding elective for 16/17



Purchase necessary core/supplemental instructional materials

Materials purchased and in classrooms


Purchase/implement new K-5 math curriculum

HM Math Expressions purchased and in classrooms.


Develop district-wide tech standards and competencies for each grade level



Provide and upgrade classroom tech as needed

Ongoing.  New computers have been installed as needed.  Additional computers set up for SR lab due to increased class sizes.  Additional Chromebooks purchased for SR intervention program.


Continue NWEA-MAP assessment for K-8

Renewed license for 15-16.  Assessment windows set for October, February and May



System focused on rigor and multi-tiered system of support that will narrow the achievement gap




Implement an intervention and support program for at-risk students in ELA and math

SR implemented new T/TH schedule for intervention.  PW continuing model from 14/15 using MobyMAX.  Additional materials purchased for SR intervention.


Continue to add .165 FTE of psychologist time for small group work

Psych contract includes an additional .165 FTE of time


Develop a “parent university” and offer 6 sessions throughout the school year

Have planned 1st session on 10/22 – Keeping kids safe online by Special Agent Schofield. 


Participate in SARB process

Both PW and SR participate in SARB process


Provide 2 attendance make-up days

Days are scheduled for 3/5/16 & 4/16/16


Investigate promising parent involvement programs for 16-17 implementation



Work with other districts to explore possibility of collaboration to increase counseling services



Provide 2 community forums (Fall/spring).  Provide child care at both

Will schedule 1 forum in Spring to coincide with LCAP work


Provide a late bus on Tuesday/Thursday to support intervention/acceleration programs at sites

Late bus begins running  on T/TH.


Provide additional .5 FTE of time for intervention

Hired intervention teacher. 2 days at SR and 1 day at PW.


Review library materials and purchase additional materials

Had a collection analysis done to determine gaps in library materials. Purchased additional library books for both PW and SR libraries.  400 books added to both libraries


Allocate funds for support of software programs (ALEKS, MobyMax, etc.)

Purchased district license of MobyMAX


Collaborate with Polar Bears and Boys/Girls Club to link after school to the classroom

Provided set of SR textbooks to SR to assist with power hour help.






Continue all operational support actions that support students




On-gong support costs for staffing, extra curricular programs and assessment

Support is provided and budgeted for. 


Staff classrooms with fully credentialed teachers

All teachers fully credentialed


Annually review credentials

All credentials reviewed


Board members attend local, regional, state trainings

Board members scheduled to attend CSBA in December


Complete the facility inspection tool on a quarterly basis

Comply with routine restricted maintenance account

First FIT done and submitted to Board


Provide district/site administrative and classified support

District/site admin support in place


Minimum of 2 FTE of custodial/maintenance support for each site

2.5 FTE of custodial/maint @ PW

2 FTE of custodial/maint @ SR

1 FTE of custodial/maint @ dist


1 FTE of district maintenance support

1 FTE district maint


Two .5 FTE library techs

Two .5 FTE of library techs


Paraprofessionals at Pinewood for early primary grades

Paraprofessionals in place


Paraprofessional at Sierra Ridge for Title 1 and core program assistance

Paraprofessionals in place


Annual public hearing on sufficiency of textbooks

Hearing at 9/8 board meeting.  Determined sufficient textbooks


1.5 FTE of tech support for maintenance, repair and support of district/school technology

Due to resignation we have 1 FTE of tech time.  Currently backfilling with sub time for assistance



Collaboration, data analysis, cycle of inquiry and data based decision making




Send two teachers to Step Up to Writing trainer of trainers

Becky Foxworthy and Joanie Brown to attend training at end of September.


Sites continue to implement Marzano strategies and EDI



Regular classroom walkthroughs by site admins

Walkthroughs happened in October.  More to be scheduled


Monthly collaboration time for teachers

Monthly collaboration times are included on district calendar.


Training as needed for NWEA, EDI, SUTW, PLC, cycle of inquiry



Training in effective instructional strategies for EL students

  • Group of teachers attended Kate Kinsella training


Training in effective instructional strategies for students with disabilities



Two early release days on 2nd and 4th Mondays

Adopted academic calendar includes an average of two early release days each month.


Classroom visits by teachers to other classrooms, districts, schools to see promising practices/programs for closing the achievement gap



# days of professional development for CCSS instructional shifts



Staff to attend PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) training